Master of Change Management & Coaching Designation Overview

The Compelling Need for Absolute Change Mastery
Every project. Every initiative. Every strategy. Every team and work unit. Every individual. So much depends on the ability to change. The will to change. The leadership of change. The management of change. Change in all its forms and at all levels. While change management has always been important – the disruptive forces and shifting demographics that are sweeping across the insurance industry has further elevated change mastery as an absolute essential core competency. The Master of Change Management & Coaching (MCMC) program includes a deep dive into all the various change management frameworks, bodies of knowledge, tools and techniques. It combines these deep insights with extensive training in coaching skills and a focus on assisting people through transitions; not only changing behaviors and work practices but to also bring out the very best in people and help ensure their success in the new order of things. It is this unique and powerful combination of the technical content of change management with learning the art and skill of coaching that makes the MCMC program so impactful and of immediate benefit. Participants not only emerge as effective change leaders and coaches they also are transformed by this potent professional development experience; enabling them to understand people and themselves at a profound level. They emerge as talented agents of change. They emerge energized with new understandings, ideas and powerful skills in staging, delivering and sustaining positive change.

The Master of Change Management and Coaching (MCMC) Designation Class: Gaining Deep Insights and New Skills for Rapid and Meaningful Performance Improvement at all Levels

The Master of Change Management and Coaching (MCMC) Designation program is a deeply immersive learning experience. The approach is multidimensional and multifaceted. It is built on a foundation and an enduring belief that change is not an event but is continuous. That change is pervasive. That effective change occurs and must be staged daily at the enterprise, team, project and individual levels. The MCMC program is dedicated to enabling participants to not only manage change but to shape, initiate, influence and drive change. To think expansively. To see through an enlivened and knowledgeable perspective in gaining new insights into today’s challenges. To understand and harness the disruptive forces that are sweeping across the insurance industry and the rapidly changing society it serves. To help condition attendees to masterfully question traditional ways of working. To stop making their organization better at the status quo by removing the barriers that hinder real progress and inhibit advancing the firm and each employee to a far better place in a much different future.