A Profound professional development experience

Who Should Participate
The Master of Change Management and Coaching (MCMC) professional designation program provides an optimal learning experience for leaders and professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in fostering change, innovation and creativity throughout their organization – while assisting others to better fulfill their true potential. The program is based on a passionate belief that it is not enough to interpret change but to invent it. That it is not enough to view change as a cookbook set of steps – but that change must be continuous and pervasive. It must be adaptive and agile. That the winners in the rapidly transforming insurance industry must be change masters. And that the successful leaders and managers who strive for change mastery must also master the principles and practices that distinguish great coaches. Most importantly the MCMC program is for those who rededicate themselves each day to take their organization, those around them and themselves to a higher, often different, level of capability, set of behaviors and performance. It is for those, regardless of functional discipline, who seek a uniquely rewarding professional development experience that makes them better equipped in their current position while preparing them for the wider levels of influence and responsibilities they aspire to.