To further advance their organization’s capabilities and performance today’s insurance leaders and professionals must be able to accomplish more than they have ever done before. They need to build operations that are nimble and resilient. They need to design and deploy innovative processes that not only reduce costs but clearly differentiate the business by delivering a consistent and compelling customer experience. New metrics are needed that are forward looking, point to root causes of performance opportunities, and better enable accurate and timely decisions – at all levels of the organization. They need to better identify and rapidly implement high impact technologies that truly re-invent, enable, and bring about new modes of doing business.

Multiple projects must be more effectively managed and collectively coordinated. They must reposition and optimize the return on human capital while creating a business context that inspires people, reorients their thinking, eliminates entitlement and creates personal and organizational accountability. Above all else they need to master the underlying bodies of knowledge and emerging business techniques that serve to optimize these operational elements while continually forging higher degrees of alignment and integration among these elements.

The Chartered Insurance Operations Professional (CIOP) designation process helps provide a pathway for insurance industry leaders and professionals to meet head-on the challenges associated with significantly improving and advancing the operational capabilities of their firms. The CIOP designation does this through a rigorous belief in the power of knowledge as a shaper of performance, a builder of professionalism, a creator of ideas, and an inciter of innovation and change.