Topics that comprise the CIOP Designation Class include:

Operational Modeling and Analysis
  • Designing Effective Organizations & Operations
  • Choosing the Proper Operational Elements
  • Operational Planning and Deployment
  • Organizational and Operational Architecture
  • Normative and Contingent Models
  • Designing the Customer Experience Focused Operation
  • Strategy, Structure & Process Mix
  • Developing Operations: Diagnosis and Action
  • Creating an Operational Platform for Sustained Performance
  • Target Operations Modeling Best Practices
  • Designing Costs Out of Insurance Operations
  • Lean Manufacturing and Insurance Service Delivery
Process Principals and Design Techniques
  • Insurance Process Design Principals and Best Practices
  • Customer Experience Journey Mapping & Analysis
  • Increasing Quality and Consistency While Reducing Costs and Time
  • Current Process Assessment, Analysis and Calibration
  • Aligning Processes Around Customers and Desired Business Outcomes
  • Defining Process Governance, Process Ownership and Accountabilities
  • From Reengineering, Through Six Sigma, and Process Modeling
  • Process Enablers Versus Process Anchors
  • Process Decomposition, Synthesis, Experimentation and Innovation
  • Insurance Data Modeling and Use Case Scenario Analysis
  • The Insurance Process Design Framework

Advancing Operational Performance through Metrics

  • The New Metrics – Characteristics and Contrasts
  • Measurement Frameworks – From Balanced Scorecards to Cascading Frameworks
  • Metrics that Highlight Business Performance Drivers
  • Designing and Implementing Insurance Dashboards
  • Creating High-Impact Measurement Presentations and Displays
  • The Power and Potential Pitfalls of a Balanced Scorecard
  • Shaping Behavior and Infusing Accountabilities through Metrics
  • Fact-based Decision Making and Root Cause Drill-Down’s
  • New Ways of Measuring and Predicting Customer Satisfaction
  • Future Trends in Metrics: Creating Rule Based Measurements for Insurance Operations
Technology Enabled High Performing Operations
  • Integrating Technology, Process and People – Best Practices
  • Emerging Technologies that Will Shape Future Insurance Operations
  • The Insurance Service Factory: Concepts and Technologies
  • The Strategic Approach to Outsourcing – Leveraging Global Capabilities
  • Turbo-charging Service Delivery Channels – Service Center Best Practices
  • Developments in Project and Program Management
  • Insurance Technology Delivery Framework Templates and Project Accelerators
  • Linking Technology and Operational Innovations in Gaining Breakthrough Performance

Leveraging Human Capital for Sustainable Operational Excellence

  • Expanding the Knowledge, Expertise, and Dedication of the Workforce
  • Socio-Technical Systems – Aligning People and Work Systems
  • Building Improved Accountability – Managing the Five Levels of Accountability
  • Building High Performing Teams – From Group Dynamics to Self -Directing
  • Organizational Culture, Leadership, Values and Beliefs
  • Acquiring, Developing, Retaining, and Positioning Talent
  • Emotional Intelligence Concepts and Applications Within Insurance Operations
  • High Performing Job Design Strategies, Human Capital Indexing, and Reward Systems
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making – Methods, Techniques and Style
Managing Change – Planning and Mobilizing For Improved Insurance Operations
  • The Ability to Change as a Competitive Advantage
  • Integrated Models and Techniques for Operational Innovation and Change
  • Understanding and Overcoming Resistance
  • Defining and Executing an Effective Change Program
  • Assessing Change Readiness- Setting the Conditions for Successful Change
  • Crating a Tipping Point- Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen
  • Institutionalizing Change and Harvesting Operational Benefits