The CXAP topical content has been specifically formulated to equip insurance professionals and leaders with the knowledge and techniques necessary to craft, execute, and operationalize a winning customer experience program. The conference agenda is organized sequentially; the concepts, ideas and tools advance attendees along the actual process and phases by which an insurance customer journey is blueprinted
and engaged.

Advanced Customer Typography & Targeting

  • Data Analysis for Customer Segmentation
  • The Five-W Segmentation Framework
  • Sizing & Valuing Customer Segments
  • Customer Persona Best Practices
  • Customer Persona Behavior Analytics
  • Customer Lifetime Formulae
  • The Economics and Financials of CX
  • Creating a Holistic CX Organizational Perspective
  • Company vs. Customer Specific Touchpoints
  • Measuring Rational & Emotional Touchpoints
  • Reach, Resonance & Reaction
  • Conversion & Purchasing Models
  • Messaging, A/B and Split Testing
  • Designing and Managing Post Purchase Behavior
  • Customer Loyalty Drivers & Techniques
  • CX Generational and Demographic Patterns
  • Today’s Insurance Buyer and the Buyer of 2020
  • CX Best Practices Templates & Toolkit
  • The Essentials of Design Thinking
  • Design Thinking & CX Innovation Workshop
Calibrating Customer Attitudes & Preferences

  • Attitudes vs. Satisfaction Metrics
  • Needs, Wants, Desirability, Delighters
  • Customer Attitude & Purchasing Patterns
  • Brand Pillars for CX Journey Support
  • Scoring Customer Brand Affection & Affinity
  • Customer Effort & Customer Satisfaction Metrics
  • Critical to CX Data Gathering
  • CX Data Gathering Tools & Techniques
  • Determining Proper Customer Sample Size
  • Data & Confidence Intervals to Ensure Accuracy
  • NPS & Other Techniques for Gauging CX
CX Journey Mapping With Precision & for Results

  • From Marketing Funnel to CX Journey Mapping
  • Linking CX Metrics to CX Journey Mapping
  • Survey of CX Journey Mapping Best Practices
  • The Five Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Insurance Customer Journaling Technique
  • Defining the Ideal CX by Advanced Persona
  • Generating the CX Journey Hypothesis
  • Mapping the Actual CX Journey
  • Task Mapping & Analysis
  • Calculating Pleasure, Pain and Indifferent Points
  • Front Stage & Back Stage Analysis
  • CX Mapping Covering the Insurance CX with Agents
  • Identifying & Calibrating CX Journey Opportunities
  • Closing the CX Performance Gaps & CX DOE
  • From Hypothesis, to Evidence, to Performance
  • Customer Loyalty Drivers & Techniques
  • Survey of CX Journey Mapping Frameworks
  • Pallet of CX Journey Mapping Tools
Organizing For Successful CX

  • CX & the C-Suite
  • CX Target Operating Model
  • From Call Centers to CX Engagement Centers
  • CX Based Culture & Reward System
  • The CX Engagement Hub Approach
  • Omnichannel CX
  • Creating the Seamless Enterprise Wide CX
  • Lean, Kaizen & CX
  • CX Program Office & Impact Center
  • From Product Manager to CX Manager
  • CX Based Product & Service Restructuring
  • Reinventing the Role of Marketing

Technology Enabled CX

  • Strategic Technologies Shaping CX
  • The Digital CX Journey
  • Integrating CX Digital Platforms
  • Customer Self Service & CX
  • Unstructured Data & Social Media
  • The CX Based Technology Strategy
  • Survey of Usability Techniques
  • Improving Findability & CX Usability
  • Tapping Into User Generated Feedback