Knowledge That is Both Profound and Pragmatic
The Customer Experience & Analytics Professional (CXAP) designation program provides a unique and powerful learning experience. It is designed to enable participants to meet head on the complex challenges of designing, building, deploying and continually enhancing a differentiating insurance customer experience. The conference conveys deep insights and a true grasp of the knowledge, frameworks, tools and disciplines that comprise emerging CX best practices. CXAP candidates discover new ways to innovate, shape and operationalize the customer experience – all in a manner that materially and immediately improves business results.

The class itself is highly interactive, challenging, thought provoking and proceeds at an accelerated pace. Advanced CX concepts and models are delivered through dynamic tutorial presentations. The tutorials are highly informative and intense. The content is robust, relevant and real; going well beyond theory by combining the latest CX thinking with practical and proven high impact techniques. Newly gained knowledge is reinforced through class work-shops and insightful case studies. Participants are equipped with the insights that will help guide them in forging a CX map into the future. They are challenged and inspired. They are immersed in the possibilities and are rebooted with a new level of energy, creativity, and confidence that can only come from deep knowledge and masterful skills.

Who Should Attend
Crafting and pursuing a unified approach and skillset is essential to creating and sustaining a truly differentiating customer experience. The CXAP designation program pulls from three fundamental spheres of knowledge; CX Engineering, Design Thinking, and Customer Analytics – which collectively and directly affects an ever widening population and growing number of functions across the enterprise. Insurance professionals and leaders who are involved with any process, service, product, operation, technology, strategic initiative or function that contributes to improving the experience of the firm’s current and targeted future customers will find the CXAP conference particularly valuable.