The CIOP designation class is held once a year and provides an intense two and a half day content rich presentation of the key underlying concepts and cutting edge techniques in designing, building, engaging and sustaining high performance insurance operations. Given the amount of information that is presented, and the respective knowledge to be gained by CIOP candidates, the teaching approach is particularly rigorous, interactive and dynamic.
CIOP faculty members cover topics in a variety of ways using a range of media. Each topic is fully explored and addressed by way of underlying concepts and how these concepts bear significance to insurance operations. Presentation of course content is further expanded upon through the use of actual insurance industry examples and case studies. As such, the entire CIOP designation and learning experience is intensely pragmatic and of immediate relevance and value to CIOP candidates.
CIOP Designation Classes are designed to support a limited number of candidates to avoid compromising the quality of the program; ensure the proper participant profile; and enable the greatest degree of interactive learning. Potential CIOP candidates are reminded that the CIOP process is not geared to a huge audience. This is a highly interactive, intense, development program specifically designed to advance the level of knowledge, skill, and respective recognition of insurance professionals dedicated to improving insurance operations.