From the very first moment of the very first day of the CXAP conference participants gain the knowledge to discover unmet needs and opportunities to create new customer solutions – Knowing how to make each customer interaction move the satisfaction dial. Knowing that the business and operating models and practices that got us here are inadequate to move us forward. Knowing that to consistently deliver a truly compelling customer experience requires that we go well beyond fixing the customer’s pain points and design new processes, technologies and ways to better engage employees and increase organizational agility. Knowing that to get better means we often need to get different. The CXAP Designation generates this knowledge through a concise four step process:

Step-1: CXAP Designation Application & Registration

Each candidate completes and submits a CXAP Application and Registration Form as contained in the conference brochure – or the applicant contacts the CIOP Institute directly at 866.930.2467 to register by phone.

Step-2: Pre- Conference Preparations

30 days prior to the CXAP Designation Class, candidates are provided a preparation package containing CX thought leadership and design thinking articles and various reference materials for their review and preparation.

Step-3 Attend the CXAP Conference

Candidates participate in the very intense and content rich two and a half day CXAP Conference that deep dives the key bodies of knowledge, underlying concepts, tools, and techniques for designing, deploying and continually improving a compelling insurance customer experience. During the class attendees are also organized into teams and learn advanced customer empathy best practices, participate in a CX Service Safari and complete a corresponding in-class CX design team project.

Step-4: CXAP Designation Conferment

The senior leadership of each sponsoring firm is advised of their candidate’s success in attaining the CXAP Designation. An all-points insurance industry press release is distributed listing the names and respective companies of the new CXAP Designees. The designees receive their CXAP diplomas.