The CIOP Designation provides candidates both a valuable and rigorous learning experience and the opportunity to attain and convey a certified level of recognized mastery throughout the Insurance Industry. The CIOP Designation process involves five concise steps:

Step 1 – CIOP Designation Application:

Each candidate completes and submits a CIOP Candidate Application & Registration Form as contained within this brochure. Candidates will be contacted by the CIOP Institute to review the applicant’s qualifications, industry experience and current responsibilities.

Step 2 – Pre-CIOP Designation Conference Preparation:

A few weeks prior to the CIOP Designation Class, candidates will be provided a package of articles and topical notes for their review.

Step 3 – CIOP Designation Conference Participation:

Candidates participate in a two and a half day conference which covers the fundamental bodies of knowledge, contemporary tools and techniques, and illustrative case studies drawn from actual company situations — covering all the key elements associated with building and sustaining highly effective and efficient contemporary insurance operations.

Step 4 – Completion of the post CIOP Designation Conference Assignment:

Appreciating the importance of reinforcing the content of the designation class, participants are provided a take-away exercise that enables candidates the opportunity to summarize and review the key conference learning points. The assignment is intended to be completed by the candidates with approximately 8-15 hours of additional effort and will subsequently serve as a useful quick reference guide. Successful submission of the post conference Exam Project results in the awarding of the CIOP Designation.

Step 5 – CIOP Designation Conferment:

The senior executives of the candidates sponsoring firm are advised of the candidates success in attaining the CIOP designation. An all points industry press release is distributed listing the names and respective companies of the new CIOP Designees. The designees receive their CIOP Designation diplomas.