It is no longer business as usual – and therefore it is no longer leadership as usual:

The Fellow of the Society of Insurance Leaders (FSIL) program is a truly powerful and transformative development experience. Participants are prepared with advanced management knowledge and command of contemporary leadership concepts, tools and techniques. Deep insights and understanding to lead and navigate through an increasingly complex insurance industry setting are conveyed and mastered. The FSIL then goes beyond the content of leadership topics and teaches attendees critical leadership thinking on how to recognize patterns of data, performance and trends – separating the truly relevant leadership issues from organizational noise. FSIL candidates discover new ways to create and seize opportunities – accurately define problems and shape lasting solutions – while succesfully staging high impact initiatives. Participants are conditioned to orchestrate positive organizational change – build outstanding teams – and to mobilize staff and peers to execute with focus, commitment, and a sense of urgency. The FSIL program also immerses candidates in an exploration of the characteristics that distinguish great leaders – and to learn by walking in the footsteps of leaders who have shaped history.

FSIL participants emerge far better and far more prepared:
As an expanded business repertoire is uniquely and engagingly combined with desired leadership behaviors, traits, ethics, and style. This balanced and blended approach not only provides an intense, strong and immediately actionable grounding in advanced management and leadership techniques – it also builds the confidence and reinforces the courage to make and implement rightful decisions in situations of uncertainty, ambiguity, risk and disruption. The unwavering theme throughout the Leadership: Content & Character FSIL conference is that leadership can be both learned and continuously earned – that towering leadership credibility can be built and sustained – and that leadership does not arise through position but through a powerful command of leadership knowledge consistently applied with enduring character and authenticity.