Who should participate:

The 2016 Leadership: Content & Character, FSIL Designation Conference is a highly interactive and immersive development program designed for insurance executives, emerging leaders and key professionals that have critical managerial responsibilities. It is for the ambitious within the insurance industry who are determined to rise above the weaker organizations that act trapped between an unchangeable past and an unknowable future. Most importantly it is for those who are determined to take their organizations, those around them, and themselves to a higher level of capability and performance. It is for those who continually strive for excellence and are dedicated to creating exceptional value through winning strategies, relentless execution, resourceful innovation, and building talent – all with unquestionable integrity and authenticity. It is for those who seek a uniquely rewarding development experience that makes them better in their current position while preparing them for the higher levels of responsibilities they aspire to.

Rigorous topical content focuses on conveying advanced management knowledge and outstanding leadership skills:

The FSIL Program adopts a very pragmatic approach knowing full well that higher levels of management practices and leadership responsibilities are a progressive continuum. No leader can be successful without mastering and emerging from the crucible of management – but emerge they must. For on any given day every leader must balance solving today’s problems and challenges while creating and exploiting longer range opportunities. They must prevent damage as well as create a compelling future for their organization; Learn and practice both the science and art of balancing the management of tactical issues with the need to identify and seize strategic possibilities and opportunities. Such topical learnings and skills are presented through the conference tutorials supported by case studies – all within a teaching context that is intense, highly engaging and interactive.