The Compelling Need to Go Lean – Closing the Lean Six Sigma Talent Gap in the Insurance Industry

The emergence and application of Lean Six Sigma within the Insurance Industry – the stakes could not be higher. It is no wonder that against the backdrop of a business and economic environment that is now and will be forever demanding that organizations produce far more with far less – that insurance organizations are increasingly reaching for and applying Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma is a management framework that combines the power of lean manufacturing disciplines, the process precision and quality of Six Sigma and the business goal and outcome orientation afforded by the theory of constraints. It blends and leverages the three methodologies into one integrated approach that optimizes the quality and speed of doing business while removing costs from the business. The immediate benefits of Lean Six Sigma are dramatic. Waste in all its forms is identified and purged from the enterprise, core processes and business practices. Lead times are compressed. Productivity increases in a quantum fashion. Cash flow is accelerated. Wait times are mitigated as process cycle velocities accelerate and flow time efficiencies rapidly increase. Defects and rework are prevented. Customer satisfaction and profitability improve as the business expands. Perhaps most importantly, Lean Six Sigma frees insurance knowledge workers, such as underwriters and claims adjusters, to focus on the work that creates the greatest value – they contribute far more by doing far more of what they were hired to do.

Its benefits may be prodigious, but Lean Six Sigma also presents a particular challenge to the insurance industry.

The demand for experienced insurance professionals and leaders who are recognized Lean Six Sigma practitioners is far outstripping the supply of qualified talent. The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Designation Class; Designing and Building the Lean Insurance Organization – is based on the overwhelming demand for a Lean Six Sigma development and certification program that is both rigorous as well as practical in its focus on insurance. Organized around the constructs and phases of a Lean Six Sigma insurance initiative, this seminar is designed to provide attendees the knowledge, skills, insights and a powerful toolkit that can be immediately applied to the significant benefit of their firms. The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Designation Program is quite unique in that it will provide participants a powerful development experience and the opportunity to secure the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt designation in an effective and efficient fashion.