The Process

The MIBA Designation provides candidates a uniquely powerful learning experience as well as the opportunity to attain and communicate a high standard of professional recognition throughout the insurance industry. The MIBA Designation involves four steps:

Step 1 – MIBA Designation Application

Each MIBA candidate completes and submits a MIBA Candidate Application and Registration Form as contained within this brochure. As part of the application process, candidates are reviewed to ensure the applicant’s qualifications, industry experience and current responsibilities.

Step 3 – MIBA Designation Conference Participation

MIBA candidates participate in a three day conference which covers the essential bodies of knowledge, tools, techniques, methodologies and insurance case studies

Step 2 – Pre-MIBA Designation Class Preparation

A few weeks prior to the MIBA Designation Class candidates will be provided a package of articles and case studies for their review.

Step 4 – Completion of the MIBA Designation Exam Project

At the close of the MIBA Designation Conference, candidates are provided a take-away exam project exercise. The MIBA Exam Project provides candidates the opportunity to review, summarize and apply key learnings and is intended to be completed with approximately 16-24 hours of additional effort. This exam project approach is designed for rapid adult learning and is very effective in reinforcing key framework concepts, terminology and methodologies. Successful completion of the MIBA Exam Project results in the awarding of the MIBA Designation.

MIBA Table
To explore conducting the MIBA Program on your site, please contact Paul James, Dean of Curricula at the CIOP Institute: pjames@ciopdesignation.com or by calling the CIOP Institute at 866.930.CIOP (2467)