The Challenge and The Opportunity
It makes all the difference in the world.  Everything, every project, every success and every failure points to the pivotal importance of consistently and skillfully applying business analysis disciplines.  All the forecasts by all the research groups were correct; the business analysis process required to significantly improve business performance, and assure project success, is continuing to grow in both criticality and complexity.  Masterfully applying business analysis best practices is essential throughout the project life cycle and to advance the business to ever higher and more demanding standards of excellence.

The Master of Insurance Business Analysis (MIBA) designation program provides a pathway to obtaining and applying outstanding business analysis skills, methodologies, and techniques – all within the context of insurance.  The MIBA designation does this through an intense and compelling curriculum consisting of: Rigorous and complete course content; Supported by extensive insurance business examples and case studies; Reinforced through practice and application.

In this manner, the MIBA program provides a uniquely rewarding and highly relevant professional developmental experience – while delivering immediate and tangible benefits to the enterprise.  Essential knowledge is gained.  Core disciplines and methodologies are learned.  Skills are honed.  The latest tools and techniques are grasped.  Mutually rewarding business relationships are enhanced.  Projects and initiatives are significantly improved. Business performance accelerates.

The MIBA Designation Program is Particularly Robust, Content Rich, and Practical
The MIBA faculty present topics in a highly compelling manner; Underlying concepts are clearly and fully explained with an emphasis on readily applicable tools and techniques.  Course content comes to life through highly interactive and dynamic instruction supported by extensive use of insurance examples and case studies.  “Work-Out” sessions that are conducted throughout the MIBA designation class provide candidates the opportunity to practice and apply newly learned methodologies and techniques.  The entire MIBA designation program is designed to deliver a powerful and pragmatic learning experience – a learning experience that is truly unique and immensely rewarding for MIBA class participants and their sponsoring firms.

The MIBA designation class can only support a limited number of attendees to ensure the highest quality of learning.  The program is content rich.  It is a highly interactive, intense development program dedicated to rapidly advancing the knowledge, skills, performance and industry recognition of insurance professionals dedicated to building and accelerating outstanding business solutions.