What MIBA Attendees Are Saying

“We appreciate the time the CIOP Institute has taken to create the outstanding MIBA educational experience. It is second to none.”
Hartford Insurance
“I found the MIBA Program most rewarding: A wealth of learning.”
“Thank you for conducting such a phenomenal class!”
“The MIBA Class was a great experience and I am already applying
the tools and techniques we covered in class.”
“It was a pleasure taking the MIBA Class and I was amazed by the
magnitude of the content covered. I look forward to recommending this be offered at a much more extensive level throughout my company based on my experience!” 
Great American Insurance Group
“We truly enjoyed the MIBA Class!
Thank you for such a great class – Incredibly and immediately beneficial.”  
Nationwide Insurance
“The MIBA class was THE BEST class I have ever attended during my career in the Insurance Industry.”
Secura Insurance 
“I cannot stress how enjoyable and beneficial the MIBA Program has been.”
Bank of Montreal Insurance
“The MIBA is an excellent class that I will definitely recommend to colleagues.”