“The CIOP Designation course was by far the best that we have attended throughout our careers. We have already applied many of the tools, techniques, and concepts to move our organization forward.”
Director Customer
Service, Hanover Insurance
“To the authors and creators of CIOP… thanks. The class curriculum was well thought out and organized. The speakers/instructors were superb. The follow up test and exercise were practical, timely and rewarding for our organization. Just the few things we’ve done since attending the class will substantial savings. What a great investment for our organization.”
Chief Operating Officer, American Automobile Association
“The CIOP Designation Class is truly one of the best courses I’ve ever attended (and I’ve attended quite a number). So good, that I have already signed up 3 of my operations management team for the fall.”
Vice President, Citizens Insurance Group
“Thank you for the opportunity to attend the most valuable course I have ever attended!”
Chief Underwriting Officer, Equitable Life & Casualty
“We are excited about the CIOP course of study. The content is pertinent and comprehensive. It elevates our discipline and gives us a track for the ongoing development of ourselves as leaders and our staff. We have enrolled an additional three of our colleagues for the next CIOP Designee Class. We want our management to draw from a well-filled tool chest. We also see this as a powerful driver of culture – the right things getting done, the right way at the right time.”
Sr. Vice President, Aon
“I want to say that the CIOP approach to the “take home exam” has offered us an opportunity to explore these topics in further depth as a team and to build our understanding around them as a team. As we work together there is often a reference back to the material we learned or the exam questions we explored as we apply this to our day to day work. I have NOT seen this type of take away from any class that I have attended. So, in addition to the material offered, the experience of working the exam as a team has left a lasting mark on us and has built a common understanding that we are consistently leveraging.”
Assistant VP, Chubb Insurance
“The CIOP Class was, by far, one of the most valuable classes I have been to in my professional career – and I hope I have the opportunity to attend more CIOP Institute programs in the future.”
Claims Manager, Grange Insurance